top 10 job opportunities in demand 2023

Top 5 job opportunities to look out for in 2023

A lot of people think about careers only after they are all set to complete their schooling and start preparing for their educational qualifications. But honestly, it is only when they start looking for jobs that they understand the future that comes with their choices. But if you know about the top 10 job opportunities in demand, you will prepare yourself.Top 5 job opportunities to look out for in 2023 - The Star in me


UI Development

User interface developers often require a combination of programming, psychology, and creative design to create something that runs the software and hardware. This job is about making interfaces that behave how the users would expect and accelerating a seamless or efficient user experience.

Clearly, with technology innovating and changing rapidly, many businesses are launching digital transformation strategies and being competitive in the world of competition. The demand for talented UI developers will grow and can be found encompassing all domains, including web, software, or mobile application development.

Educational requirements:

  1. You must have at least a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Engineering. You must be creative and project-driven to create a better portfolio and land yourself in job roles like this.
  2. Here are some marketable skills to work on: front-end web development, interactive media design, usability testing, team-centric soft skills, and other interpersonal communication. You must have skills like HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, jQuery, SQL database development, and more.

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Data Analyst

Data is everywhere, and so are the jobs. But if you are new to this field of data analysis, the first role would be a junior analyst. And if you develop transferable skills, you can go up the corporate ladder and become a data scientist, consultant, and specialist.

You will need incredible core data analyst skills, including SQL, R, Python, data management, and other analytical skills. If you want to move into management positions, you can become Director, chief data officer, senior level analyst, and more.

You will have to focus on developing your leadership skills along with your data skills. That way, you can attain higher-level positions like this.

Educational requirements:

  1. You must have a bachelor’s degree in IT, Computer Science, Maths, or Statistics. Since you will be analysing a variety of data, you will have to develop an interest in the information that will allow you to address different problems.
  2. You can also pursue courses to become a data analyst. You can also pursue a degree in Data science or data analytics. Besides that basic knowledge of Python, SQL, and Oracle, and the ability to analyse and interpret the data.

Product Management Roles

How do you feel liaising between teams to get things done? Do you like to take on new responsibilities or roles? There are several opportunities that you can pursue using this career option. Here you will be aware that being a product owner is more about the role than a title. This means that you can start from the lowest and become the head of product, product manager, vice president, or chief of product.

You can get offered roles like this and be the highest-level role in the company if you choose this career path. You will have to work through tasks like product vision, backlog management, collaboration, and communication with stakeholders about product development.

Educational requirements:

  1. You will need a bachelor’s degree in an IT field. This will be the first step to becoming a product owner. This will give all the critical skills to understand all the terminologies.
  2. You can earn a master’s degree if you want to be in a senior role. This will help you be in a better position to handle rapidly changing tasks and problems.
    You have to gain experience and be in a position to use your expertise to stay on top of your professional development.

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Product designer

These people create and polish products to provide a great user experience. Ideally, the role requires them to work with engineers, marketers, product managers, and other business analysts to develop and implement new features that will boost customer engagement.

The expertise of being a product designer will vary according to the type of company, department, and individual’s area of expertise. You can take up different roles like user experience designer, customer experience architect, interaction designer, or information architect.

The truth is that you will be in charge of so many roles, but the core will always be around problem-solving. Your part would revolve around optimising the delivery of business value through business partnering, process improvement, user research and user-centred design.

Educational qualifications

  1. You must have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in product design.
  2. To grow in this career, you need to be savvy in the business, marketing, sales, and design process, ideation, engineering, and other aspects of product design.
  3. Often companies look for specialisation in IT, User Experience, Design or Behavioural Psychology for opportunities like this.

Marketing roles

Marketing might seem simple, but it is quite complex once you start separating it layer by layer. Marketing is fun, but before you start it as a career, you must know the ins and outs of the job. Since it is quite a dynamic role, you can explore and find out something that is relatively closer to your thought process.

You can look for roles like content marketing, digital marketing, event marketing, brand marketing, niche marketing, and so much more. You can find roles like growth marketer, social media manager, head of content marketing, and similar roles like this.

Educational qualifications

  1. If you want to take up marketing as a long-term career, it’s time to consider having a bachelor’s degree in marketing, management, economics, communications, journalism, and management.
  2. You can also look for internships or be a part of courses that will help you stay updated with the current marketing world.

There are so many roles coming up in the market that were not the part of mainstream roles. If you want to be specific and become a thought leader, it’s time to upskill and make a positive impact.

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